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About Us

Welcome to We Print On Stuff

Very simply: we can print your designs, photos, text etc. on a range of stuff.

With No Minimum Order and Free Shipping on all UK orders, we provide a service suitable for all sorts of customers e.g. individual consumers, businesses, corporations, bands, charities etc. Our products are ideal for a vast range of purposes such as: gifts, promotional items, staff uniforms, merchandise, corporate identity, brand recognition etc. A few examples of commissions we have undertaken:

  • Photo place mats for a restaurant
  • Logo printed polo shirts for a staff uniform
  • Photo mugs as souvenirs for a country manor hotel
  • Logo printed baseball hats for staff to wear at an exhibition
  • Logo printed shirts for club members
  • Printed T-shirts for an artist's merchandise
  • Printed guitar picks for a band

We also offer a "drop shipping" service, whereby we print, and ship, items direct to your customers. Which has the benefit of not having to purchase any stock in advance, or having any money tied up in items you have yet to sell, or having to find space to store any stock. Our I.T. Consultancy Service can also provide you with a low cost "shop front" to streamline the process further.

Please contact us for discounted rates on bulk orders and to discuss arrangements for drop shipping etc.

We print our items "to order", so tunaround is usually a week.

We have provided a few templates and sizes in the FAQ section.

If you want something customised, but are not sure, or unable, to go about creating the artwork yourself, we can provide a "graphic design" service for you. Just get in touch.

Below is a list of a few of the products we have on offer. If, after browsing our shop, you do not find what you're looking for, please get in touch, as we may be able to source something on your behalf. Our suppliers have many printable items, with fast delivery. If we can print on it, we can get it for you.

  • Mugs *
  • Coasters *
  • Place mats *
  • Water Bottles *
  • T-Shirts *
  • Polo Shirts *
  • Hoodies *
  • Hi-vis *
  • Baby clothes *
  • Clothes for chidren *
  • Tree Decorations *
  • Tote Bags *
  • Photo Cubes *
  • Chopping Boards *
  • Pillow Covers *
  • Baseball Caps *
  • Cushion covers *
  • Dog Collars *
  • Cat Collars *
  • Neck Ties *
  • Guitar Picks *
  • Chef Whites *
  • Face Coverings *

Items marked with an * are customisable to be printed with your own design.

Here are some frequently asked questions and a few tips on product sizing:


  • IN WHAT FORMAT SHOULD I SEND MY DESIGN?: We need your artwork to be EDITABLE. Your designs can be sent in JPEG, PNG, PSD, or SVG formats. We prefer PNG format, with a transparent background, as these make sure the printer doesn't try to print any unnecessary "white space" (which can be coloured if printing on a coloured item e.g. a black T-shirt).We can print from PDF format, but we cannot edit these, so prefer not to.

  • WHAT QUALITY SHOULD MY DESIGN BE?: Your design needs to be of sufficient quality for us to scale it to fit on the product. If you view it on your screen at 100% and it looks blocky, the quality is, most likely, insufficient. If it looks great, it should be fine. The process is not automated, so we will be able to check your artwork and contact you if we think there will be a problem.

  • WHAT SIZE SHOULD I MAKE MY DESIGN?: Each customisable item, in the shop, has a basic "printable size" that will be displayed in the item description. Although we can scale designs to fit, it would be ideal if you sent us your designs in the correct size, with print resolution of 300dpi. Oversized images are fine, as long as the proportions are roughly correct (e.g. it is difficult to print a rectangular photo on a square cushion cover)



  • WHAT ABOUT PRINT MARGINS?: Do not make your image/ go right to the edge of the printable area as it won't, necessarily, come out right. In general, you should leave a 10mm margin. However, it is good for the background colour to overlap the edges of the print area.

  • CAN I MAKE BULK ORDERS?: Yes, but CONTACT US with your requirements, rather than order from the shop, and we will provide you with a quote.

  • WHAT ARE YOUR DELIVERY TIMESCALES?: We are a small business and print everything to order; our goal is to ship within three to ten days. The longer timelines will be for orders that require additional items to be ordered in or are of a particular quantities

  • ARE THE PRINTED T-SHIRTS, etc. MACHINE WASHABLE?: Yes, but keep to 40C, or below - often listed as a "Coloured Cottons" cycle

  • Please ask, before ordering, if you have any other queries.

You can find some sample templates, in PNG format (Portable Network Graphic) below. These have a transparent background and include the guidelines for the printing areas (which can be deleted, once your design is ready).



Our standard mugs have a printable area of 19.5cm x 9.6cm.

We use dye sublimation to print on our mugs.

The background, of the printable area, is white.

Price Per Mug:


Our aluminium water bottles have a printable area of 22.2cm x 13.5cm.

We use ink transfer to print on our mugs.

The background, of the printable area, silver.

Price Per Bottle:

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